The Ultimate Guide To Leg Pillows Knee Pillows For Side Sleepers And Pregnant Moms

Raise your hand if you are a side sleeper.

If you’re one, I bet you know how frustrating side-sleeping discomfort is. What you need is a specially designed knee pillow that caters to all your problems. And if you’re pregnant, it’s probably important to know that the recommended sleeping position for pregnant moms is on the side.

So which is the ideal knee pillow for you?

What Should You Look for in a Knee Pillow?

Here are top features that you should consider when buying a knee pillow:

1. Comfort

Side sleepers and pregnant moms want their knees cushioned in softness, and not rubbing together all through the night. This feature is specifically crucial for people suffering from spine misalignment, knee arthritis, sciatica, injuries, bad backs, recent surgeries, and hip bursitis.

Ensure your knee pillow is designed for fit and comfort.

2. Support

There’s nothing as frustrating as having a knee pillow that doesn’t stay in position. Get a strapped pillow that you can securely place between your knees in a natural and pain-free position. That’s the only way you’ll get uninterrupted sleep.

3. Cooling Action

Even though you want a cozy, warm support between your knees, you definitely don’t want to get all sweaty because of it. Too much sweat while sleeping is uncomfortable.

Choose a knee pillow that has a breathable cover to prevent sweating.

Sleep Knights Knee Pillows are Recommended for Side Sleepers and Pregnant Moms

Side sleepers and pregnant moms have special needs because their head, shoulders, and back must be properly aligned with their spines. And is there a knee pillow that is good at this job other than Sleep Knights knee pillows? I don’t think so!

Sleep Knights knee pillows has an ergonomic countered design and is double-strapped to provide ultimate comfort and support for your knees throughout the night. They are also made with breathable zippered covers that allow proper ventilation between the knees.

These knee pillows are specifically designed to provide relief from sciatica nerve pain, spine pain, back pain, leg pain, hip pain, and joint pain.



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